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Rectal cancer is a common cancer that affects more and more young adults.

In recent years, its management has evolved allowing a significant improvement in overall survival.

However, challenges remain...

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Misalignement of complete response assessment between pathology and clinical approach

Nagtegaal I et al. Cancer treatment Review 2020

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Complications of post surgery syndrome (Low anterior resection syndrome) with an impact on QoL

Pieniowski al. BJS Open 2020

In a new study published in Clinical Cancer Research[1],
promising results of IMMUNOSCORE® in LARC may be an effective response to the challenges:

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IMMUNOSCORE® identifies LARC patients with a clinical Complete Response who do not relapse

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IMMUNOSCORE® identifies patients who have a better survival
>60% additional survival in IMMUNOSCORE
® High compared to IMMUNOSCORE® Low



IMMUNOSCORE® is an in vitro diagnostic test measuring the host immune response at the tumor site. It provides a robust, precise, quantitative, and consensus assessment of lymphocytic infiltration and has been shown to predict patient outcome and response to therapies in several indications.

IMMUNOSCORE® has already demonstrated its prognostic performance in early colon cancer in a large international SITC-led study (n= 3,500). This personalized medicine diagnostic test is recommended in the ESMO Clinical Practice Guidelines 2020 for localized colon cancer.

More important than clinico-pathological features, the survival is predetermined by pre-existing immunity.

Empower the Watch & Wait strategy

Better identify at-risk patients for surveillance

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The Innovation Access Program is a time-limited program with preferential conditions for clinicians wishing to strengthen the patient-centric care.

Through the Innovation Access program, effective immediately:


- Doctors can order IMMUNOSCORE® and receive test results virtually through Veracyte's online portal within 10 working days.

- Program is valid for 1 year and sample size mutually agreed.


- All patients with locally advanced rectal cancer (stages II and III).

- Test performed on diagnostic pinch biopsies (neo-adjuvant treatment- naive patients).

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1 [1] El Sissy C, et al. A Diagnostic Biopsy-Adapted Immunoscore Predicts Response to Neoadjuvant Treatment and Selects Patients with Rectal Cancer Eligible for a Watch-and-Wait Strategy. Clin Cancer Res. 2020 Oct 1;26(19):5198-5207.