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Discover the Decision Impact Program (DIP)

and measure the impact of IMMUNOSCORE® on your daily practice in localized colon cancer

     International Clinical Studies demonstrate that after IMMUNOSCORE® test result:


stage II patients 
in high risk group 

might be spared adjuvant chemotherapy


stage III patients

would benefit from adjustment of their treatment duration 

Sign up for the Decision Impact Program - IMMUNOSCORE® in localized colon cancer

DIP program is a commercial offer that will allow you to:

- Improve your precision oncology practice

- Corroborate the clinical data with IMMUNOSCORE® test in your own experience.

- Estimate the overall cost savings and medico-economic impact with optimized use of therapeutic.

- Improve patient’s quality of life.

- Enhance personalized approach with innovative precision oncology tool.

This program  will generate real-world evidence to sustain precision medicine implementation in your center.

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